April 9, 2020



We continue to emphasize doing everything possible to slow the spread of COVID-19, including the need for hand hygiene, physical distancing, and staying at home as much as possible.   To reiterate direction from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, and with the Easter weekend in mind, everyone is reminded to:

  • Avoid gatherings outside of their immediate household
  • Find ways to connect while being physically separated
  • Worship in a way that does not put people at risk, including participating in virtual or live-streamed religious celebrations.

Due to the extended public health order, family and friends can no longer visit long-term care, seniors lodge, or acute care facilities,


As part of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP), the Oyen Emergency Social Services team has been working diligently to synchronize community resources in the Oyen area, with the intent to coordinate and connect residents who require assistance with those community organizations and individuals providing services.


Please use the Oyen Helps Form  to either REQUEST support (such as delivery of groceries, food bank support, counselling services, filling out online forms) or OFFER support (such as driving for pick-ups and deliveries, make phone calls, help complete funding applications).  Requests for support and services will be reviewed by a core group of people, maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the applicant, and then coordinated within the community organizations to connect the applicant with the appropriate service provider.  If you do not have access to, or are not comfortable using the online form, an email can be sent to:  oyenhelps@gmail.com.  We are also setting up a central phone number that will be available next week.


Oyen Town Council held their first-ever virtual Council meeting, followed by the Oyen Emergency Advisory Committee meeting, on Thursday, April 2nd.  Council reiterated their commitment to supporting the direction from Alberta Health and the Provincial Operations Centre, and maintaining essential services in the community, including groceries, pharmacy, gasoline, water distribution, hardware, convenience, etc.  A meeting of the Emergency Management Agency, which includes representatives from fire, police, hospital, lodge, schools, social services, and Alberta Health South Zone, was also held earlier this week to ensure key service providers are staffed and have appropriate supports to continue operations into the future.

We ask that everyone continue to take the appropriate precautionary health measures as well as continue to use the links below as official sources of information.

In case of a Town of Oyen related emergency over the weekend, please contact Noreen directly at 403-660-0201.


April 1, 2020       4:30 PM


Please be advised that Regular Meeting of Town Council will take place on April 2, 2020 at 7:00 PM.  If you would like to participate virtually, please use the following link and follow the prompts:

Town Council Meeting

Or use the following to join via telephone:

iPhone one-tap:

+15873281099, 479074479#

or +16473744685, 479074479#

Or Telephone:


+1 587 328 1099 or +1 647 374 4685  or +1 647 558 0588  or +1 778 907 2071  or +1 438 809 7799

Webinar ID: 479 074 479



March 31, 2020  5:00 PM


The restrictions and guidelines have been continually evolving to correspond with the Federal and Provincial mandates to help mitigate the risk of spread and ‘flatten the curve’.  We continue to stress the importance of continually using the links below to stay up to date on the situation.  Here are a few of the most recent changes:

  • Restrictions for non-essential business, including retail and dine-in restaurant services are in place and can be found at Essential Services.
  • Restrictions for mass gatherings is reduced from 50 people to no more than 15.
  • To align with the new rules under the Quarantine Act, Albertans who are under mandatory self-isolation must now remain inside and can only go for walks on their own property
    • Can no longer go for walks in their neighborhood
    • People living in apartment buildings or high-rises must remain inside and cannot go in elevators, stairwells or outside

Here is what is happening locally:

  • Town Council Meeting will carry forward on Thursday, April 2, 2020 through electronic means. Please continue to check the Town’s Facebook page and website for more information if you would like attend virtually.
  • The Town is requesting that any bill payments be made through online banking. If you are not currently set up to allow for payment electronically we encourage you to call the office at 403-664-3511 or email townoffice@townofoyen.com to inquire.
  • The Town is looking to address issues that have risen regarding public washrooms.
  • Summer employment opportunities are being evaluated and applicants will be notified as the situation continues to unfold.
  • The Town is collaborating with Oyen area groups related to community social connections and you will see shortly a coordinated ‘entry point’ for both those who NEED support or assistance with services, as well as those individuals and organizations who would like to OFFER supports or assistance to the community. Again, together we can streamline, coordinate, and organize to serve you better!

Thank you all for your continued efforts during this stressful time.  As a unified community, we will get through this together!


March 24, 2020  4:30 PM



We would like to thank everyone for your collective efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19!

The Town continues to focus on the provision of essential services to the Oyen area and coordination of community supports.

One issue that has been raised is the continuity of the Town’s sewage and water systems.  The water system is fully operational at the normal safety and security levels.  The sewer system, however, needs your attention.   Please do not flush anything but the 3P’s – pee, poop, paper – specifically, TOILET tissue paper.  Please do NOT flush any of the following items, as a clogged sewer system could result:

  • Disinfectant Wipes or Rags even if marked ‘Flushable’
  • Tampons
  • Paper towels
  • Cigarettes
  • Hair
  • Medications
  • Condoms

The Town has also been working closely with the Emergency Community Social Services group.  We encourage any resident that needs any social service supports to contact the ­­Family Community Support Services (FCSS) at 403-664-2255 or email: oyenfcss@telus.net and identify what your needs are.  We are trying to coordinate all the great offers from individuals and community groups and organize together to enable providing the supports our community needs.

Alberta Health Services has announced the launching of a text-based program that aims to help provide encouragement and hope to Albertans.  Text4Hope sends subscribers text messages of support and encouragement to ease stress or anxiety.  Albertans can text COVID 19 Hope to 393939 to subscribe.

Thanks again for all your support.  Please continue to utilize the key sources of information about COVID-19 Pandemic linked below.


March 20, 2020  5:00 PM



On Thursday, March 19, 2020 members of the Oyen Municipal Emergency Advisory Agency came together in a conference call to discuss ongoing planning for the community’s health social services support.  The Agency is planning for the necessary response measures.  A further update on this will be provided on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Several local businesses and organizations have provided an update to our website ‘hub’ for their operations and services.  Please see below for the alphabetical listing.

We ask that everyone continue to take the appropriate precautionary health measures as well as continue to use the links below as official sources of information.

In case of a Town of Oyen related emergency over the weekend, please contact Noreen directly at 403-660-0201.


March 18th 10:00 AM



On Tuesday, March 17, 2020 the Province of Alberta declared a Public Health Emergency in Alberta.

The Town of Oyen’s Emergency Advisory Committee of Council assures the public that we are taking this seriously as the health and safety of our citizens, staff and visitors are our highest priority.

The Committee has directed the closure of all town recreational facilities as well as the closure of Town Administration Office to the public.  The Town is still operational but reducing contact with others as a precautionary measure.

For information on COVID-19 and what you can do to help protect yourself and others, please refer to the links at the bottom of this page for official sources of information.

Any enquires can be made by email at townoffice@townofoyen.com or phone 403-664-3511.

Business, Organizations and Events

Operational Updates


Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open for drive thru only.  Operating hours: 9:00AM – 7:00 PM


Phone 403-664-3267

Ace Hardware

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3620

Agriculture Financial Services Corporation - ASFC

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3677


ATB Financial

Update: 03/23/2020 Closed to the Public


Branch Phone # 403-664-3582

Direct Lines:

Dajana Gladdish (Branch Manager)  403-854-0736

Tammy Hermanson-Foster (Personal Relationship Manager) 403-664-7994

Chandra Shantz (Personal Banking Specialist) 403-664-5830

Sam Callin (Personal Banking Specialist) 403-664-9365


Customer Relief Program

Bud's E & I Services

Update: 03/18/2020  Available for Emergencies


Phone 403-664-9637


Big Country Agricultural Society

Update: 03/23/2020 Crossroads Center- CLOSED until further notice.


Phone 403-664-5009


Big Country Community Adult Learning

Update: 03/23/2020  Closed to the Public. Accepting one client appointments.


Phone 403 664 2060

Email bccalc@telusplanet.net



Canalta Hotel

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3010


CARA- Chinook Applied Research Association

Update: 03/18/2020  Restricted access to the general public.  The following events have been postponed:

-Annual Projects Review & General Meeting

-Cooperator Appreciation Night

-Crop Strategy Seminar

-Bee Box Workshop

Please see Post below:



General Inquiries 403-664-3777

Immediate Inquiries 403-664-0191


Dianna      cara-dw@telus.net

Yamily      carashl@telus.net

Olivia       cara-3@telus.net

Lacey      cara-lr@telus.net

Shelley   cara-1@telus.net


Deb Mart Cafe & Convenience

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.  Hours of operation: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Phone 403-664-2280

Dry Country Gas CO-OP Ltd.

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3646

Fit For Life

Update: 03/18/2020  Closed to the Public.

Contact- 403-664-3232

Fountain Tire

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3991


Fresh Hair Designs

Update: 03/18/2020  Closed to the public.


Phone 403-664-5192

Halfway Pizza

Update: 03/1832020  Remain open for pick-up.


Phone 403-664-2081

Headlines Hair Design

Update: 03/19/2020  Closed to the public.


Phone 403-664-3239

Investors Group Financial Services Inc

Update: 03/18/2020  Office is closed to the public.  Staff is servicing clients via phone/skype and will remain working in isolation until further notice


Phone 403-664-9494

Email  Steven.Paetz@IG.ca


KD's Fine Wine & Spirits

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public


Phone 403-664-3398

Lijdsman Insurance

Update: 03/18/2020  Office is closed to the public.  Staff is working on site and available for calls and inquiries.


Phone 403-664-3637


Nirvana's Healing Massage Therapy

Update: -03/18/2020 Closed until April

Contact: 403-664-9210

Maclean's Funeral Home

Update: 03/18/2020  Remains open to the public. Restrictions on Services and Viewings.  Arrangements and Pre-Arrangements available via phone call or in person given the proper      health safety measures are taken.


Phone 403-664-3767

Email kim@ofsmacleans.com


Ollie's Electrical Services

Update: 03/25/2020  Remain available on a case by case basis.  Will respond to emergencies


Phone 403-664-0167


Overtime Pub & Halftime Family Restaurant


03/18/2020  Building is closed to the public.  Remain open for Take-out or Delivery only.

03/20/2020  Building is closed to the public completely.  No longer offering Take-out.


Phone 403-664-2223

Email: overtimepad@gmail.com

Oyen & District FCSS

Update: 03/18/2020  Continuing services to clients.  Highly recommending emailing/calling to make appointments ahead of time. These services include:

  • Income support applications
  • Emergency prescription applications
  • Food hampers
  • Seniors benefit applications
  • Health care appointments


Phone 403-664-2255

Email oyenfcss@telus.net

Local Help Lines


Oyen AG Foods


03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.

04/09/2020  Remain open to the public.  Free delivery in town and curbside pickup to all customers.  Send order to oyenagdelivery@gmail.com and pay using mobile card machine.


Phone 403-664-3933

Email oyenagdelivery@gmail.com

Oyen Dental Clinic

Update: 03/18/2020  Closed to the public. Available for emergencies.


Phone 403-664-3774

Oyen Echo


03/18/2020  Remaining Operational.  Offering the option to receive The Echo by email to any subscriber.

03/23/2020  Encourage customers to phone/email.  E-transfers or credit card payments over the phone are welcome.  Closed on Fridays until further notice.

03/25/2020  Building closed to the public.  Remain operational but working remotely.  All phone calls should be directed to the cell and home numbers provided below.


Phone 403-664-3622 Not currently in use

CELL 403-664-6600

Home 403-664-3571

Email oyenecho@telusplanet.net


Oyen Flowers & Giftware


03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.

04/02/2020  Closed to the public. Delivery and pickup available.  Free delivery in Oyen & Consort.


Phone 403-664-3827

Phone 403-664-1048


Oyen Greenhouses

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3594

Oyen Liquor Mart


Phone 403-664-2670

Oyen Medical Clinic


03/18/2020  Have established an isolation room for assessment of possible cases at the hospital.  Clinic is offering phone consultations to all patients who are in self-isolation.  Judgement will be made on a case-by-case basis regarding whether or not patient needs to come to the clinic or ER.  Routine/annual physicals can be postponed for the time being.  Phone lines are expected to be busier than usual.  Only essential visitors are permitted at this time.

Medical Clinic Article

Medical Clinic Notice

03/24/2020  All appointments booked first as telephone assessments.  Decision to be seen at the clinic or the hospital will be made based on assessment.  In person treatment will be provided if unable to over the phone.  Prenatal appointments over 12 weeks of pregnancy will automatically be booked at the clinic, in a manner that allows for a safe distance from other patients.  The Self-Assessment Tool should be used for concerns about possible COVID infection and call 811 if directed to do so.  Please use the Facebook link below as main form of communication moving forward for updates regarding access to services, as well as other pertinent information.


Please do not call the clinic for general questions about COVID-19.

Please do not contact local nurses for medical advice by telephone.

Please do not contact any member of local health care by personal text or phone call.

The 811 phone line is another avenue for support regarding specific medical questions.

Phone: 403-664-3577

Facebook Page

Oyen Municipal Library

Update: 03/24/2020  All upcoming events cancelled. E-resources available free to all current library cardholders.


Phone 403-664-3644 ext. 2727

Email: aoymlibrary@marigold.ab.ca



Oyen Optometry Clinic

Update: 03/20/2020 Closed to the public.

Only open for urgent care.

Contact 403-664-0060 for an emergency.


Phone 403-664-3300



Update: 03/18/2020  Please see link below:




Phone 403-664-3505

Oyen Seniors Lodge

Update: 03/20/2020

No Visitors/family are allowed in building- only essential services.

All doors are locked. Anyone needing to enter the building must come to the front entrance, ring the bell, and wait for staff.

Residents are allowed to leave but are STRONGLY encouraged to stay in.

Life Lease are able to use the north life lease entrance.

Groceries can be delivered to the front entrance where staff can facilitate.

Mail/parcels/prescriptions are picked up daily by staff and delivered to residents.

Normal recreational therapy activities can continue but schedule group activities involving community members are canceled/postponed.



Phone 403-664-3661

Email gloria.jorgenson@acadiafoundation.com


Oyen UFA Petroleum

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3815

Oyen UFA Farm and Ranch Supply

Update: 03/20/2020  Remain open to the public.


Phone 403-664-3611

Oyen Value Drug Mart

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.  Filling urgent prescriptions immediately, non-urgent may take a couple of days.  Providing only 30-day supplies.


Phone 403-664-3732

Oyen Vet Services

Update: 03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.  Encourage clients to call ahead for any pharmaceutical or product orders. Will allow owners to stay in vehicles during appointments.

Will not be doing house calls for small animals, but large animal ambulatory service will continue as normal.


Phone 403-664-3849

Email oyenvet.general@gmail.com

Oyen Waste Transfer Site

Update: 03/20/2020  Remain open to the public.

Operating Hours: Tuesdays 9:00 Am – 4:00 PM

Thursdays 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturdays 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Phone 403-664-3511

Rocky Mountain Equipment


03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.  Asking customers not to come in unless absolutely necessary.  Allowing option to pick up parts outside if requested.

03/27/2020  Remain open to the public.  Asking customers to please contact us prior to arrival so we can prepare parts orders and have them left out the south side of our building for pick up.  If a situation arises where customers need to have a face to face interaction with an employee, for example to inspect a unit or match up a part,  asking that only one representative per party enters the building.  Continue to clean and sterilize building and promote and practice 6 foot social distancing.


Phone 403-664-3730

Royal LePage- Kim Gilbertson

Update: 03/19/2020  Open to the public by phone. Call/Text information.

Phone 403-664-1234


Schindel Agencies


03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.  Appreciate scheduling via email or phone ahead of time.

03/30/2020 Closed to the public.


Phone 403-664-3804

Email schindel_agencies@outlook.com


Covid-19 Notice


Update: 03/19/2020  Remain open for business.

Contact: Lyle Gilbertson

Phone 403-664-0278

South Country Co-op


03/20/2020    Remain open for business.  Operating Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

03/24/2020    Remain open for business.  Operating Hours: Mon. – Fri.: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM   Sat. & Sun.: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM 

Pay at pumps still available 24hrs.


Phone 403-664-3633



Update:  03/18/2020  Remain open to the public.  Take-out only. Operating hours: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM




T&D Market Fresh Foods

Update:  03/18/2020  Remain open to the public. Message grocery list to the Facebook page listed below. E-transfer payments to kaydingman@hotmail.com.  Delivery in-town is available.  Isolated pick-up arrangements can be made for out-of-town.  Orders made after 3:00 PM will be processed the next day.

Phone 403-664-3945

Email kaydingman@hotmail.com


TD Canada Trust



Remain open to the public.


Remain open to the public.  Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  Available 24/7 through Green Machine ATMS or EasyWeb Online banking and the TD App.


Phone 403-664-3601


Branch Updates

The Coffee Break

Update: 03/21/2020  Remain operational.  Online issues offered.  Reduced distribution points: T&D grocery store, Oyen AG grocery store, Debmart, Value Drugmart, UFA gas station.



Office 403-664-2899

Cell 403-664-9875

Email oyenchristie@gmail.com

Facebook Page

The Hair Affair

Update: 03/23/2020  Closed to the public.  Accepting calls to make/reschedule appointments.  Can arrange safe pickup for retail products.


Phone 403-664-2487

Phone 403-664-0846

Trix Hair Studio

Update: 03/19/2020  Closed to the public until further notice.  Accepting texts and calls to make/reschedule appointments.


Phone 403-664-2600

Town of Oyen

Update: 03/18/2020  All town facilities closed to the public at this time.

Town Council Meeting rescheduled for April 2, 2020.

Town Hall Meeting postponed until further notice.


Phone 403-664-3511

Email townoffice@townofoyen.com

The 90's Restaurant

Update: 03/18/2020  Closed to the public


Phone 403-664-2008

Key Links


Province of Alberta www.alberta.ca/covid

Alberta Health Service www.ahs.ca/covid

Statistical Information: Geographical map of confirmed cases available under the GEOSPATIAL tab



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