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Community Assistance

The Town of Oyen is pleased to offer funding and services to assist with the operations of our community local non-profit organizations.  If you work for, or sit on a board within the Town of Oyen or surrounding area, we encourage you to reach out for assistance in any of the areas listed below:

  • Funding

Each year, the Town includes a portion of funding set aside to assist with local programs and non-profit organizations operating expenditures.  This funding varies year-to-year and is allocated on a priority basis that is in alignment with the Town’s Strategic Plan.

  • Grant Application

Council and employees of the Town of Oyen recognize how much hard work and time is dedicated towards making our community a great place to live, work and play!  One of the ways that the Town is dedicated to helping our community’s organizations is by providing partnership in and assistance with writing grant applications.  

What Grants are Available?

We have the ability to search for a number of different grants and are happy to assist with finding the funding stream that might best fit your organization or project!  We are always happy to hear about any grant opportunities that are available that might not be in our scope.  

Some grants require application from a non-profit organization while others require application through a partnering municipality.

How do we help?

The Town is happy to work with groups to provide reference letters of partnership for application purpose where the municipalities do not qualify.  We are also happy to apply on behalf of non-profit organizations for grant opportunities that fit a specific project or program but requires municipal application.

The Town will assist on drafting any application that you may need assistance with.  This assistance requires working collaboratively and the responsibilities of all parties involved will be addressed upon reviewing the application.   For instance, an application may require quotes for products and services for a particular initiative, in which we would request that the organization applying provide those pieces of information.

It is important to remember that grant applications take time: the earlier that we can collaborate, the easier it will be to prepare for the potential funding.

  • Donations and Tax Receipts

The Town of Oyen has the ability to accept donations on behalf of affiliated community non-profit organizations, issue tax receipts to the donor and then provide the funding to your organization.

What Organizations Qualify?

This service is intended for non-profit organizations or community programs that operate in the Town of Oyen and surrounding area that do no have charitable status.  Organizations that already have charitable status are not eligible for this service as they are able to issue tax receipts of their own.

Our Role

The Town will not keep any of the funds donated and there is no fee to this service.   It is not, however, the Town’s obligation to advocate this program on behalf of any organization.  Your non-profit organization will be responsible for advertising any project, event, or initiative that you may have planned and can communicate with Town administration if any assistance is required.


Please contact the Town as 403-664-3511 or for further information.