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Emergency Services

Please complete the town safety alerts form to be notified of any urgent town information, water breaks, emergencies and more.

Is there a water break somewhere in Town?
Sign-up for the email alerts and you'll know!

If you plan to have a controlled burn within the Town of Oyen, you must first fill out a Fire Burning Permit.

Fire Prevention, Training & Directing Volunteer Fire Fighters

Address: 601 Main Street, PO Box 749, Oyen, Alberta T0J 2J0

Phone: (403) 854-0234  |  Fax: (403) 664-2774

Email: |  Fire Chief: Shaune Kovitch

Emergency Numbers

Ab. Environment: (403) 664-0420

Poison Control: (403) 664-3651 

Alberta Fish & Wild Life: (403) 664-3614 

Address: 317 1st Ave E, Box 539, Oyen, Alberta T0J 2J0

Phone: (403) 664-3505 | Fax: (403) 664-2075

Corporal: Rob Morozoff | E-mail:

24-hour Non-Emergency Complaints: (403) 664-3883

Services available

Police certificate
Criminal records check
Vulnerable sector check
Report a crime
General information
Non-emergency complaints

Address: 217 3rd Ave E, Oyen, Alberta T0J 2J0

Phone: (403) 664-3156 | Fax:

For 24 hour emergency services see Big Country Hospital page.

You NEVER know when an emergency will happen. Don't get caught off guard!
Creating or purchasing emergency survival kits is one way to prepare.

Suggested Items for your kit at HOME:

- Flashlight and extra batteries
- Battery-powered radio and extra batteries
- First aid Kit
- Candles and matches/lighters
- Extra car/house keys and cash
- Copies of important papers (identification, etc.)
- Food and bottled water
- Clothing and footwear (one change per person)
- Blankets and sleeping bags
- Toilet paper and other personal supplies
- Medication
- Backpack/duffel bag (to carry emergency kit in if you have to evacuate)
- Whistle
- Playing cards, games, etc.
- Cell phone with extra battery or charger
- Hand sanitizer
Suggested items for your VEHICLE kit:

- Shovel
- Sand, salt or kitty litter
- Traction mats
- Tow chains
- Compass
- Cloth rags or roll of paper towel
- Work gloves
- Warning light or road flares
- Extra clothing and footwear
- Emergency food pack
- Axe or hatchet
- Booster cables
- Ice scraper and brush
- Road Maps
- Matches and a "survival" candle in a deep coffee can (to warm hands, heat a drink or use as an emergency light)
- Fire Extinguisher
- Methyl hydrate (for fuel line and windshield de-icing)
- Flashlight with extra batteries
- First aid kit with seatbelt cutters
- Blankets

Visit the Red Cross website for more tips on how to get you started.

Notice of Hearing - Environmental Appeals Board
Notice of Hearing - Environmental Appeals Board