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The Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Committee would like to extend a warm welcome to the new residents of our community. 
Information packages on Oyen and area are available free-of-charge at the Town Office (201 Main Street).

Newcomer Registration Form

We invite all newcomers to complete our Newcomer Registration Form so the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Committee can assist you in finding appropriate services and programs, and create a successful integration into our community.

To volunteer on the Welcoming Communities Committee click here.

Newcomer Resources

The Business Link Immigrant Services offers specialized support to aspiring and established immigrant entrepreneurs across Alberta. This includes:

Did you know the Alberta Human Rights Commission offers a free confidential inquiry line? The service is available to ask questions about human rights issues or potential complaints related to racism or discrimination. 

Confidential Inquiry: 1(780) 427-7661

Temporary Foreign Workers have become an important aspect of Alberta's economy, helping to alleviate labor shortages that slow down work and drive-up costs. In recognition of language and cultural barriers, the Temporary Foreign Workers Association has launched a new confidential hotline to help workers get information about Alberta’s workplaces and worker obligations and rights.

The toll-free hotline, 1(888) 366-0194, will allow workers to get assistance on matters relating to compensation and immigration requirements.

Please contact the Town Office at (403) 664-3511 if you have any questions or require any further information on Oyen and area.

With your new life in Canada, starting a business that you can call your own is an exciting prospect. But as a newcomer here, you may be wondering where you’ll find the money to get your company off the ground and growing. That’s where BDC comes in. If you have the entrepreneurial drive and a solid business plan, we can provide the financing you need to build your company and propel it to success.

New Canadian loan

Alberta Health Services Registered Dietitians are pleased to share the Newcomer Nutrition Education Toolkit.

Notice of Hearing - Environmental Appeals Board
Notice of Hearing - Environmental Appeals Board