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The Town of Oyen strongly encourages residents to recycle materials whenever possible. Do your part in reducing the amount of garbage taken to the landfill.

There are currently three drop off sites for different types of recycling located throughout the community:

The Town of Oyen has a compost pile located just East of the Oyen Concrete Facility. Compost reduces the amount of garbage taken to the landfill and is productive for our ecosystem.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more!

Grass clippings, leaves, vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, etc

Recycle any container that you pay a deposit fee on, such as your glass and pop beverage containers.

Hours: Wed-Fri (9am-2pm) & Sat (8am-2pm)
There are also outdoor drop-off bins available 24/7 along the back alley.

All cardboard is to be flattened, and recycled in the bins at the Oyen Transfer Station.

Hours: Tuesday (9am to 4pm), Thursday (1pm to 8pm) &Saturday (9am to 4pm)